Volume 6, Issue 1 (2007)

Volume 6, Issue 1 (2007)

Indigenous Law Journal Conference:
"Indigenous Law and Legal Systems: Recognition and Revitalization"
January 26 & 27, 2007

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Welcome Address

Welcome Address

Darlene Johnston

Keynote Address

Indigenous Law and Its Contribution to Global Pluralism
James Anaya

Theoretical Perspectives

Culture, Self-Determination and Colonialism: Issues around the Revitalization of Indigenous Legal Traditions
Gordon Christie

Protecting Indigenous Peoples’ Lands: Making Room for the Application of Indigenous Peoples’ Laws within the Canadian Legal System 
Brenda L. Gunn 

Indigenous Children and Colonial Law

Residential Schools: Did they Really Close or Just Morph into Child Welfare? 
Cindy Blackstock

Ending Discrimination and Protecting Equality: A Challenge to the INAC Funding Formula of First Nations Child and Family Service Agencies
Sarah Clarke

Indigenous Issues in Context: Guatemala, Canada and Israel

Breaching Indigenous Law: Canadian Mining in Guatemala 
Shin Imai, Ladan Mehranvar and Jennifer Sander

Treaty Councils and Mutual Reconciliation Under Section 35 
Sara J. Mainville

Israeli Arabs: Between the Nation and the State 
Mohammed Saif-Alden Wattad 

Looking Forward: Paths to a New Relationship

The Ethical Space of Engagement 
Willie Ermine

Protecting Indigenous Peoples Through Socially Responsible Investment 
Benjamin J. Richardson